A cystoscopy is a type of evaluative study that involves using a camera to take a look directly at the urinary tract. This area includes the bladder, the urethra, and the openings to the ureters. Cystoscopies allow physicians to become better informed about potential causes for your systems and are an important step in the process of coming up with a treatment plan. At Center for Advanced Gyn & Urogynecology, located in Chevy Chase and Germantown, MD, we offer expert cystoscopy procedures to help diagnose and treat various bladder conditions and urinary tract disorders.

What is a cystoscopy looking for?

During the study, the provider will examine the entirety of the urethra and the bladder to ensure that there are no abnormal changes or growths. They will be able to see if the bladder is irritated or inflamed. The scope will also be used to examine both ureters to confirm that both kidneys are emptying fluid into the bladder well.

Prep for the procedure:

Please come for the study prepared to leave a urine sample as the provider may way to collect one prior to the study.

What to expect during the cystoscopy:

  1. A cleaning solution will be used to clean your urethral opening.
  2. A numbing gel will be inserted into the urethra.
  3. If necessary, a straight catheter urine sample will be collected directly from the bladder.
    a. A thin catheter will be inserted into your bladder. This feels like a small pressure sensation and is not painful for most patients.
    b. Your bladder will be drained of any remaining urine.
    c. The catheter will be removed.
  4. The cystoscope will be inserted through your urethra. This may feel like an uncomfortable pressure but does not hurt for most patients.
  5. Your bladder, urethra, and ureters will all be examined.
  6. Your provider will inform you immediately of the results of the study.
  7. Fluid containing the medications as outlined above and saline will be inserted into your bladder through the catheter.

Is a cystoscopy painful?

Prior to the procedure, the urethra will be cleaned and numbed using a lidocaine gel. As a result, you may feel pressure but most patients dont feel any pain during the procedure.

Experience peace of mind with a cystoscopy.

Reach out to our experienced team to book your appointment and ensure your bladder health is in good hands.